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Winchester, England,
United Kingdom

CONSCIOUS LIVING by DESIGN. Transform your house into a home with furniture, furnishings and accessories and find your loved ones the perfect gift. All products are at least one of the following: Organic | Ethical | Energy Efficient | Sustainable | Chemical free

Organic, ethical and sustainable living

Independent blogs by Sashi Smith. Her thoughts, stories and ideas for how you can make your home more stylish, ethical, sustainable and safer for you and your family


The surprising things we learnt from our eat British food challenge

sashi smith

Inspired by our recent trip to Dunes de Dovela eco-lodge, and the deliciousness of their locally sourced food, we embarked on a food challenge when we returned home - to only eat seasonal British food for the month of April. Turns out there’s a name for people who do this, they call themselves “locavores”, who knew?! We gathered a list of produce in season...(continue reading).

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New Year Resolutions

sashi smith

A New Year is like a new chapter in your life story. It's a great opportunity to stop and think which direction you want your story to go in the year ahead. Why not think of goal setting as similar to sketching out your plot line, the better the plot line, the better the story! Here are a few tips on how to set goals you care about and how to make them achievable

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