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Drink your way to zen with Goen Matcha

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Drink your way to zen with Goen Matcha

sashi smith

Tomo: Goen Matcha

How did you two meet?

My co-founder and I met at Escape the City during a start-up alumni event. He was working on Goen Matcha and wanted someone who could link the value and culture of his matcha to the customers. You could say its a "matcha" made in heaven

What was the inspiration for starting Goen?

We started Goen because we felt something was missing in the UK. Whilst other brands were already selling matcha, we felt none really grasped the whole culture behind it. That’s how our journey began and that took us to the heart of the matcha culture, after many months we managed to develop a relationship with one of the best tea gardens in Kyoto to help us in our mission

Matcha is not just green tea. Japanese monks have used matcha for centuries to sustain long zen meditation sessions. Our goal in providing this exceptional matcha is to help people to live in the moment and to build a community of mindful people

What is matcha?

Matcha is a powder made of stoneground green tea leaves made in Japan. Because of the way the tea is ground, drinking it provides the same benefits you would get from eating the whole of the green tea leaf. Eisai, introduced the tea to Japan from China in the 12th Century (1191). The difference between green teas is in the process

What is the meaning behind Goen?

Goen (ご縁) in Japanese describes the mysterious force that connects people with someone that is not previously a part of their life and that will eventually have a positive influence

In Japan this concept is embodied in the 5 yen (五円) coin because of its phonetic similarity with the word goen. For this reason the coin is often exchanged as a wish for good luck or as a token to establish a good relationship with someone

Our name deeply represents our philosophy and the connection we have with our customers, even before they try our tea

Where do you source your matcha from? 

Goen Matcha is ceremonial grade: the highest quality. We support a family run Japanese tea garden in Uji, Kyoto to continue its ancient tradition. The rich, pristine soil, misty climate and favourable weather combine to make the region perfect for tea cultivation. It has been famous for producing the finest Matcha in Japan since the 14th century

How and when would you recommend drinking Goen matcha?

Matcha is a brilliant alternative to coffee, either in the morning or afternoon or before meditation, studying or yoga

Performing the Goen Ritual is your daily chance to slow down, empty your mind and express some care and love towards yourself by crafting a perfect bowl of matcha

It can also be fun to experiment with Matcha as it can be added to a variety of things including ice-cream, croissants, cookies, and biscuits. Here are some recipes for inspiration