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Thermostats: Who knew they could be cool?

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Thermostats: Who knew they could be cool?

sashi smith

How I came across the Nest

When I started out renovating our flat I soon learnt one of the best ways to make your home more green and environmentally friendly is to reduce the amount of energy you use. A good place to start is assessing the energy efficiency of your boiler. However I didn't want to replace my boiler, since although it was fairly old, it was still working and replacing it was an expense I could do without. Instead I chose to install a thermostat which can really help increase the energy efficiency of your home. Doesn't sound very exciting but there are now some really cool options out there. The brand I like the most is called the Nest. It turns out the company was started by two former Apple engineers and this is definitely reflected in the usability along with the beautiful and simple design

My favourite design features

The feature I like the best about the Nest is you can control it with an app on your phone - ie turn your home into a "smart home".  Brilliant for when you've gone on holiday and forgotten to turn the heating down, or simply too lazy to get off the sofa to adjust the heating! Other great features include knowing how long it takes for your home to warm up, so it makes sure your home is at the temperature you want at the time you want. No more cold morning dashes to the shower when the flat is still warming up! The Nest app also gives you a breakdown of how many hours of heating you have used each day and on about a monthly basis shows how your heating levels compare to others in your area


It costs around £180 (buy here) and you will need to arrange installation which is a further cost, however Nest offer a complete package of £250 for thermostat and installation if you live in the UK