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Grand Designs Live: My Top 10 picks

Organic, ethical and sustainable living

Independent blogs by Sashi Smith. Her thoughts, stories and ideas for how you can make your home more stylish, ethical, sustainable and safer for you and your family


Grand Designs Live: My Top 10 picks

sashi smith

It was a super fun day at Grand Designs Live yesterday searching for my first batch of stylish products to share with you all to help you go green! The show certainly didn't disappoint and here are my top 10 green picks (in no particular order - it was too hard to choose)!


1. Ecoegg

An awesome laundry product. Its packed with powerful natural cleaning pellets that are activated in water and remove dirt and grim. A great option for sensitive skin and the environment. Its also great on the wallet as one small Ecoegg lasts over 50 washes and is around £8 (buy here), comparable to 35 Persil Non-bio Liquitabs even when they're on offer at £6 (both around 16p per wash). You also apparently don't need to do a rinse cycle (as it doesn't leave any residue) or use fabric softener saving you money. It can be used at up to 60 degrees but works just fine from 30. (I was so excited I bought it, so keep an eye out for my future personal review on its effectiveness)



2. Cycloc

Cycloc product really does tick all the boxes. Firstly its a great space saver - super helpful if you're anything like me and have a cosy London flat where storage is always in short supply. Its super stylish with simple bold fun designs, very discreet hinges, vertical and horizontal storage options and beautiful enough to be made into a feature. It doesn't cost the earth with different models ranging from about £40 to £60 (buy here). Last but not least, its made of 100% recycled materials - what's not to love?



Made green paper pots.jpg

3. Pots by "Made Green" 

Made Green is an exciting new brand from Parlane International that enables you to buy with a clear conscience. Each product comes with a story of which community made it where. They have some beautiful ornaments, furniture and note pads, but the stand out product for me was their pots due to the their unique design. They are handmade made with a hybrid material of re-used paper, recycled aluminium or plastic drinks bottles and some are finished with wood off-cuts from the local furniture industry. They are waterproofed with natural latex without the use of any chemicals. A perfect house warming gift or personal indulgence


The Natural Tile Company


4. The "Crush" range by The Natural Tile Company

If you're thinking of redecorating your bathroom or kitchen and looking for tiles, then look no further. The Natural Tile Company has a range made from 100% from recycled glass that comes in several colours. They have great reflective properties helping to make rooms feel more spacious


Efergy Ego Smart Socket

5. The Ego Smart Socket by "Efergy"

A great little treat for the techies, worriers, cash strapped or lazy amongst you. Yep this little gizmo, can make you all happy. How? Through the combination of an Ego Smart Socket and an app on your smartphone you can control the power of the devices in your home and monitor the energy usage. Great for if you've left the flat in a hurry and can't quite remember if you've left that iron or hair straightener on, or even if you can't be bothered to get out of bed to turn the light off. It also has an anti-theft timer which will randomly turn assigned appliances on and off to give the impression of someone being home. You can use the app to assess which appliances are driving up your energy bills so you can make adjustments, and  there is feature that turns off appliances that have been in sleep mode for ages saving you further money. Price is about £40 for one socket (buy here), but the app can handle anything up to 100 (in case you live in an absolute mansion!) 



If you're lucky enough to have a functioning fireplace then this is for you. Although a roaring fire can create the ultimate cosy room, an unlit fireplace can create quite the chilly draught. The Chimneysheep (what a great name!) is a nifty natural solution and prices start from around £10 (buy here). It is a draught excluder made with 100% Hardwick wool from the Lake District. The thick coarse wool is great insulation, and has just the right flexibility to be wedged and stay up a chimney. The handle is not only useful for installing, but also acts as a reminder to remove it before you light the fire!



The Vektra electric kettle seems to do everything you could possibly ask of a kettle. It is portable and and the efficiency of the vacuum keeps your water hot for up to four hours! Great if you're anything like me and often have to reboil the water because you've been distracted. The company makes a bold claim that by using the kettle over a week you can save enough energy (and money!) to light your whole house for a full day. The kettle also has two features that are great for bustling family homes: the vacuum keeps the outside cool at all times, and the anti-spill lid will only allow a few drops of water to escape if it is knocked over. To top it off I really like the simple sleek design and it comes in a range of colours. Prices start from £65 (buy here)




I love Green Decore's colourful and fun range of rugs. They are waterproof and fade resistant and are made from recycled plastic. Great for outdoor activities like camping and picnics, but equally great for the kitchen as they can just be wiped clean if you spill anything on them. Prices for the rugs start from £30 (buy here) but they also have a broader range of products too 



9. Upcycled drawers by "Rupert Blanchard"

Rupert Blanchard makes beautiful and unique pieces of furniture by assembling various salvaged pieces. I really love the character that each piece has. His work is so versatile that there is an option for every home, whether you're looking for subtle elegance or looking to make a statement with a quirky and colourful piece 




Smithson Design has a range of industrial and utilitarian lights that they have clearly lovingly refurbished. Their lights are a beautiful combination of form and function. They also sell stylish LED bulbs to add to their green credentials.